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What is SEO or -

Growing up it was an honor if you had a set of encyclopedia Britannia Books – The whole set was something to own and used to find any and everything you could ever think of.

When I was younger, I never in a million years could have dreamt of a computer – a robot maybe cause I loved the Jetsons – but a computer – not so much.

Then to have a computer that can talk to other computers and finally have something like Google.

I can’t believe this has happened in my lifetime.

Bonus is that Google is a Search Engine and it is a place to virtually visit that has every bit of information imaginable – it puts encyclopedias to shame.

It is a system that tells you what things are, how to get things, how one item can relate to another, juicy gossip, helpful places if you are in need, and more and more and more info …..

Search Engines get their information by collecting pages from websites. All websites. Then it indexes this information and segments it so that when a visitor searches – it delivers the best answer it can find.

Amazingly this is done in a seamless manner to the person searching.

Behind the scene are various lines of “code” and proprietary algorithms that will deliver digitally exactly what you ask for

If you own a website, a social profile, video, or products you want to sell it is very helpful to understand how to get your information to the search engines.

As a metaphor we all want to be good students and it is important to know how you can “rank” or rise to the top of your class. You have to take several subjects and have the right grades to move to the top.

So when a visitor searches on a search engine, you want to be sure you are at the top of the class and have excelled in all your studies of subjects to succeed.

Here are the most important subjects to understand:

Content – your words really matter, how your write them, the quality, and the depth of your subject matter – when someone searches for a term like “pink flamingos” a search engine will try and narrow results to include only pages with those words

Titles – every page on the web has a title. You want your title to summarize your web page. Although the “code” of a title is something a human eye does not see – the Search Engines place value on this factor and it helps to deliver the “best” result to their visitor

Links – is the way a search engine gives an atta boy – it is the best form of flattery. This compliment tells search engines your web page matters. Links coming to your site is very good! But it is important to understand the strategy behind getting links. Having bogus links or a large quantity of links can be harmful. Search engines place value on the quality of the link coming to your website. Links from trustworthy websites and leaders in their field carry more authority.

Anchor Text – The actual words used to link really matter! – If you are selling pink flamingos and people link to your website with the anchor text of pink flamingos – the search engines will know your site is not only about pink flamingos because you say so but because fellow class mates say so – and fellow thought leaders say so!

Being Fresh – I love to say that because we are always told not to be fresh – but in this case it is very important. Engaging in growing quality links, adding new and fresh content to your website, tells a search engine, your real and you want to continue to build a lasting presence on the web.

This is just an overview of -and be aware that search engines change all the time. It your job to be a good student and stay up to date with the current trends. Great SEO is making sure your website stays current and becoming part of the PageOneEngine community will allow you to stay committed and be at the top of your class.

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